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Lido Dining Set, Grey/Orange - Chiarastella Cattana

Lido Dining Set in Grey/Orange

Chiarastella Cattana

Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs €48,00
Normale prijs €48,00
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Textiles for your daily living, by CHIARASTELLA CATTANA

The Lido is a tiny stretch of land between the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. It is well known for the Film Festival. The island, with a rich Art Noveau heritage and long tree-lined boulevards, became more populated during the 1960s with la Dolce Vita. This dining set, with its scalloped shape, pays homage to this relaxed atmosphere during the 1960s and adds a vintage touch to any mise en place.


Over de ontwerper

Chiarastella Cattana is a fabric designer based in Venice, Italy. Her work weaves traditional craftsmanship together with contemporary colours and patterns. By mixing different threads, she gives her creations a life and texture that are her signature. Her designs are uniquely modern, bringing innovation to traditional weaving techniques. 

“What we do is rooted in craftsmanship, that is why every single fabric has a unique story behind it. We partner with small artisanal realities nationwide, from north to south. Without them, our work would never exist.” – Chiarastella Cattana

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