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Tlight holder, Grey, S - Michael Verheyden
Tlight holder, Grey, S - Michael Verheyden
Tlight holder, Grey, S - Michael Verheyden

Tlight holder, Grey, SMALL

Michael Verheyden

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Use this Tlight as a candle holder. The mineral’s translucent quality creates a warm and glowing ambience in your home, reminiscent of marble.

Please note: Due to the nature of alabaster, each Tlight is unique, with variations in colour and veining. Each piece showcases its own distinct characteristics, making it one-of-a-kind. Please be aware that the colour and pattern of your Tlight will, therefore, differ slightly from the product photo.

If you have any questions about a specific item, please feel free to contact Reference an accompanying image that illustrates the spectrum of colour variations you have in mind. This will help us ensure you have a clearer understanding of the potential differences in colour.



S: Height 8,5 x ⌀ 7,5 cm / H 3.3 x ⌀ 2.9 inches

M: Height 12 x ⌀ 10,5 cm / H 4.7 x ⌀ 4.1 inches

About the Designer

Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden creates uncommon objects for common rituals, blending serene shapes and meandering materials into pure, refined creations. All objects mirror their creator: caring and thoughtful. Verheyden prefers noble and durable materials that feel natural and age beautifully, such as marble, leather, bronze and oak.

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