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Please wash your bag before sending it to us. You can submit 1 item per form.
It takes us a few weeks to be able to repair your bag.

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What we repair

Each repair is unique, and some items may not be fixable. Before sending us your repair, please check the link below for a current list of repairs and fees.

Visible marks

We work with many different fabric colours throughout all our collections, so finding an exact match for repairs might not always be possible. Our repair team will try to find the closest matching colour available. Repair marks remain visible in most cases, like a scar telling the stories of past adventures.

Small holes & tears

There's no need to send your item for small holes and tears in our 70D fabric (shopping bag, pouch, foldable backpack, stash, and trash bag). 

You can purchase a repair kit with five large sheets, providing enough material for future repairs. Alternatively, visit one of our stores, and we'll fix the small holes and tears for free!

Small fee

We charge a small fee for our repairs to cover the cost of replacement parts and materials, as well as the time, attention, and craftsmanship involved.

After you submit your request, our team will propose a quotation, which you will receive by email. Invoices include shipping costs if required. Once payment is received, we will start the repair.

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Next steps

1. We will contact you within 4-6 business days with an overview and invoice for the services. Shipping costs will be included in the invoice if applicable. 

2. Once payment is received, you can use your preferred shipping method to send the item to us. You will receive an email with shipping instructions.

3. We will begin the repair, which typically takes a few weeks to complete.

4. You will receive an email when it is ready for pick-up or on its way back to you via mail.