About our repair service

Our products are created to be used. However, like with most things in life, signs of usage can and most probably will show. Which we believe makes it even more beautiful. We aspire to create long-lasting products and improve their life span if anything goes wrong.  

A tear, hole and/or rip could occur, and we fully appreciate that this can sometimes be unexpected.
We support repair instead of replacing, but our ability to mend and fix has a limit.

Once an item is purchased, it is your responsibility (with the exception of production errors). If anything unexpected occurs, check the list below to see what we can do.

If you can't find your repair option below, please contact our support team with your question, include a photo if possible and make sure to have your proof of purchase. Our support team will assist you further and judge if there is anything that can be done.

We repair all items in our office in Rotterdam, and our production is in China; this means that we don't always have the repair equipment and/or hardware to replace parts.

We can't fix everything. We repair bags with love and aspire to give them back to you in mint condition.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

Check out how to take good care of your SUSAN BIJL item here. 

Fixing The New Shopping Bag

A small rip doesn't necessarily need to be fixed. All our products are made of ripstop nylon. Ripstop quite literally means to 'stop' a 'rip'; it prevents cuts from tearing. Small rips are pretty harmless and common traces of use.

If your rip is becoming a concern, you can fix them easily by yourself with our ripstop nylon sticker kit. Send an email to our support team with good quality photos of the parts that need to be fixed. Please describe the size of the rip and the colour of the fabric, so we can find you a matching colour and send it to you.

If you have bigger cuts and tears along the seams, too big to fix with a sticker, we can take care of your shopping bag in our repair program. We can fix almost all tears and cuts, depending on the placing and size of the damage. 

To guarantee the best service, we only accept:
- washed bags
- bags that haven't been fixed at home
- a maximum of 3 bags per person

Scroll down to find out how to apply your bag to our repair program. 

Fixing all other SUSAN BIJL products

We're sadly far from being able to fix everything and there are a few things that need to be checked first.

Please find below what we can fix, depending on the condition. 

The New Pouch

We can fix larger holes and/or tears in our 70D fabric (same as The New Shopping Bag, see info above).
- We can repair most seams and bindings, anything torn along the flash.
- We can fix a torn loop, the one you use to attach the strap, but only on one side; not where the label is attached.
- We can't fix the zipper.

The New Foldable Backpack

- We can fix larger holes and/or tears in our 70D fabric (same as The New Shopping Bag, see info above).
- Most loose shoulder straps and handles can be fixed.
- We can't fix the zipper. 

The New Bum Bag, The New Backpack, The New 24/7 Bag

- We sadly can't fix tears, holes and worn out corners in this fabric.
- We can reattach the magnet in the front of The New Backpack pocket. As with all repairs, it will leave a visible 'scar'.
- If your hook or buckle has a defect, please send a picture to our support team first and they will assist you further.
- We can't put in a new zipper.

The New Raincoat

- We can cover tears/rips in our raincoat, but the repaired area won't be waterproof anymore.


Now let's repair!

Our repair program is free of charge (excl. shipping costs). Thus, we maintain the right to refuse to repair bags in exceptional conditions. If we are able to repair your bag, we might have to use different colours. But don't worry, this will mean you'll have a one of a kind SUSAN BIJL bag!


If you have one of the repairs as described above.

You can drop your bag off at one of our stores or send it by mail to:

SUSAN BIJL Care & Repair
Oostzeedijk 108 - unit 1
3063 BG Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Make sure to add a note. Please describe or mark the repairs that you wish to be fixed. Also, provide us with your name, email, phone number and address for shipping back. You can also download this form and fill it out. 

If you ship your repair, it is your responsibility until it reaches us and the costs of sending the item to us are at your expense. We recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods. Make sure you get a tracking number for your shipment. 

It takes us a few weeks to be able to repair your bag. You will receive an email when it is ready for pick-up or return per mail. In this email you will receive a link to pay for the shipping costs. You can find our shipping costs here. We always ship our parcels with a tracking number.


If you have a repair inquiry.

Send an email to our support team with your request and include a photo of whatever needs fixing. Our support team will be able to help you further and judge if anything can be solved by us.