We’re taking responsibility for the environment by making high-quality, long-lasting products that can be repaired if needed.

We want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible, so you don’t have to buy more!


Considering care for the planet, it's best to minimise washing. Our products have a coating that fades with each laundry cycle, sometimes impacting the waterproofing of the bag.

When you wash a fabric, tiny particles will shed, the material becomes more delicate, and the fragments pollute the water. If you want to prevent pollution, you can use a Guppyfriend washing bag.

Opting for gentle hand washing will have the least effect on the environment.

Thorough stains

The best way to remove stains is to treat the stain by hand. We recommend 'Schoonmaakzeep' by Werfzeep, which you can rub directly onto the stain.

Reserve machine washing for when necessary, avoid extended soaking, and ensure the water temperature stays below 30°C for optimal care.

• Line dry in the shade.
• Wash your bags separately from other fabrics and colours.
• Avoid soaking during hand-washing to prevent colour bleeding.
• Preserve the material's quality using a pillowcase or washing bag, especially bags with buckles and metal clasps, to prevent damage to the machine or other items in the load.
• Close the zipper before washing.
• Opt for eco-friendly soap :)


Only the exterior of our products can be ironed using the nylon/synthetics setting (1 dot max!).


Waterproof coatings can fade over time, particularly with regular washing. We recommend treating your product when you notice that the water droplets no longer roll off neatly but instead soak into the fabric. Use a PFAS-free spray or washing solution.


Everyday use will leave some marks, a sign of all the adventures experienced along the way. Our products are meant to be used, not consumed and disposed of. If needs be, we believe in restoration rather than introducing something new to the planet.

Harmless damage

Small holes in our 70D fabric are typically inconsequential thanks to the ripstop technology, which prevents further tearing. While these tiny holes are common and harmless, if your bag has substantial damage or is no longer usable, we offer a repair service.

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Love what you own.
Repair instead of replace.

Visible marks

We work with many different fabric colours throughout all our collections, so finding an exact match for repairs might not always be possible. Our repair team will try to find the closest matching colour available. Repair marks remain visible in most cases, like a scar telling the stories of past adventures.


Each repair is unique, and some items may not be fixable. Before sending us your repair, please check our current list of repairable items.

list of repairs

Do it yourself

Our repair kit is made for minor repairs, like fixing rips, holes, or tears on The New Shopping Bag, The New Pouch, or any of our other 70D products.

The kit contains 5 different-coloured nylon sticker sheets that can be cut to size. The sheets’ colour is set; therefore, it is not possible to request a specific colour.

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Still have doubts or questions about a repair?

Send us an email at repair@susanbijl.nl.