Care & Repair

Care & Repair summer stop!

You can still hand in or send us your items, but we'll get back to repairing in September. 


It’s amazing how attached our customers get to the colour combination that they own, and we understand the desire to restore these treasured bags. We rather repair a ragged, faded, old shopping bag than inflict something new on the planet. Our products are meant to be used, not consumed and disposed of.

We perform repairs in our office in Rotterdam and send out repair kits to customers that live further away.

For now, we are limited in the repairs that we can perform. We can fix almost all shopping bags. You can check the list below for repairs on our other products or send our team a photo to get a personal review.

Download a list of repairs that we currently perform here.

Have you got an item that we can fix? Follow the link below or bring it to a SUSAN BIJL store.


Please make sure your item is washed before handing it off to a store employee or mailing it in. 

Repairing an item will almost always leave a trace.

Are you looking for a replacement rather than a repair? Check out your options here.

Repair Kit

We support being able to repair your own bag. You can request a personal repair kit for minor repairs on The New Shopping Bag or our other lighter denier products. This consist of a nylon sticker sheet to fix holes or tears. This sticker sheet can be cut to size. Interested in a Repair Kit? Please email our team with photos of the damage to get started.

Repair time

It takes us a few weeks to be able to repair your bag. You will receive an email when it is ready for pick-up or return per mail.

Repair looks

We work with an ever-changing line of colours. The colour of the fabric used for the repair may not be an exact match, but we’ll do our best to find the closest match possible. 

Repair costs

Our repair program is free of charge (excl. shipping costs).


To own something means that you have to take care of it. By taking good care of your bag, it becomes more durable. Fortunately, our products don't need much maintenance to stay in shape.


Every time you wash a fabric, tiny particles of it will shed, the material becomes more delicate, and the water gets polluted by the fragments. To avoid wearing down the fabric, it's best to limit washing as much as possible. Some of our materials are coated with a waterproof coating that will fade every laundry cycle. That's why we only recommend washing our raincoats when it's absolutely necessary.

Now and then, your bag does need a freshen up. We make bags for grocery shopping, so it's not unlikely some shopping will break or leak. All our bags can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine, preferably on a short program. Bags with buckles and metal clasps must be put in a washing bag to prevent damage to the machine or other items in the load. We recommend washing with eco-friendly soap. Don't soak our products in a hand wash, as the colours might run.


We have developed three types of fabrics for our products. All fabrics are made from 100% Bluesign®-certified recycled nylon or polyester. We use this material because it's strong and durable and can hold a great amount of weight. Recycled nylon is mostly made of fishing nets, pre-consumer fabric waste, and computer chips. Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles. All SUSAN BIJL fabrics are GRS certified.

Using fabrics made under the Bluesign® certificate eliminates harmful substances from the manufacturing process. It sets and maintains standards for products and people making them that are both safe and environmentally friendly. 


Small holes in our 70D fabric don't necessarily need to be fixed. Many of our products are made of ripstop nylon. Ripstop literally means to 'stop' a 'rip'; it prevents cuts from tearing. Small holes are pretty harmless and common traces of use, as long as nothing fits through it. You can find our 70D fabric in The New Shopping Bag, The New Pouch and many more. 


Our more sturdy fabric is made from ripstop polyester in 300D. We use it for The New Bum Bag, The New Backpack and more. 300D has a waterproof coating on the inside.


Our raincoat is made from 40D ripstop nylon with a waterproof coating. It is our most flexible fabric.

No matter how well we construct our products or how durable our fabrics are, there will always be a need to repair. Repairing the stuff that you own is part of taking care of them.


Still unsure or have questions about your repair? Contact our team at