Care & Repair

Everyday use will show some traces of all the adventures experienced along the way. We prefer to repair a ragged, faded, old shopping bag than inflict something new on the planet. Our products are meant to be used, not consumed and disposed of.


Small holes in our 70D fabric don't necessarily need to be fixed. Many of our products are made of ripstop nylon. Ripstop literally means to 'stop' a 'rip'; it prevents cuts from tearing. Ripstop fabrics are made with a reinforcing technique that makes it more resistant to tearing and ripping. Small holes are pretty harmless and common traces of use, as long as nothing fits through it.


Repairing an item will always leave a trace. Our repair team always searches for the best and most beautiful solution.

We work with a lot of different fabric colours every year, and we don’t keep all colours in stock for our repairs. The colour of the fabric used for the repair may not be an exact match, but we’ll do our best to find the closest match possible.

Start a repair

Our goal is to repair everything we can, but each repair is different, and some things we cannot fix at all. Before sending us your repair, please review our current list of repairs.

Always wash your bag
Please ensure your item is washed before bringing it to a store employee or sending it by mail. Wash your bag following the instructions on the care label. Unwashed bags will be sent back to you unrepaired.

Repair costs
Our repair program is free of charge (excl. shipping costs).

Repair time
It takes us a few weeks to be able to repair your bag. You will receive an email when it is ready for pick-up or to be returned by mail.

Have you got an item that our team can fix? 
Start with the form via the link below.

Repair kit

We support being able to repair your own bag. You can request a personal repair kit for minor repairs on The New Shopping Bag or our other lighter denier products. This consist of a nylon sticker sheet to fix holes or tears. This sticker sheet can be cut to size.

The repair kit is free of charge.

Interested in a repair kit?
Please email our team with photos of the damage to get started.

Request a kit


Use our patches to cover rips or small tears. You can purchase the patches through our webshop and repair it yourself. You can also request patches if we do your repair.

On our 70D fabric (shopping bags, pouches etc), we recommend ironing before stitching. On our 300D fabrics (bum bags, backpacks etc), please avoid ironing as the waterproof coating can damage and fade. 

The costs for the patches are €14,90.

check out our patches


Still unsure or have questions about your repair?

Contact our team at