Repairs & Fees

Below is a list of all the repair services we provide and what a completed repair may look like.

We charge a small fee for our repairs to cover the cost of replacement parts and materials, as well as the time, attention, and craftsmanship involved.

Charges are based on each part that needs repair. You will receive a quotation before we start.

  • There's no need to send your item for small holes and tears in our 70D fabric (shopping bag, pouch, foldable backpack, stash, and trash bag). 

    You can purchase a repair kit with five large sheets, providing enough material for future repairs. Alternatively, visit one of our stores, and we'll fix the small holes and tears for free!

    The repair of small rips is included in all the options listed below.

    Buy a Repair Kit 

Small repairs €2,50

Replacing broken hardware and other small parts:

• Fasten elastics or cords.
• Replace: broken hooks, rings, snaps, zipper tabs or loops, zipper slider (not complete zippers).

  • Replace broken hooks.

  • Replace broken snaps.

  • Fasten elastics or cords.

  • Replace damaged rings.

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Medium repairs €5

Significant sewing on almost all our items:

• Replace short zippers (i.e. bum bag, pouch).
• Stitch ripped seams and bindings.
• Fasten broken (shoulder) straps.
• Fix holes due to wear and tear in 300D fabric (such as bum bags, backpacks, 24/7 bags).
• Adjust the seam length of a raincoat.
• Refasten magnet in the backpack.

  • Replace broken bindings.

  • Fasten broken straps.

  • Fix holes due to wear and tear in 300D fabric.

  • Stitch ripped seams.

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Large repairs €7,50

Large repairs include unforeseen damages requiring extra attention: 

• Replace a damaged coating with an inner lining (bum bags, backpacks).
• Replace long zippers (i.e. backpack, 24/7 bag).

  • Replace a damaged coating with an inner lining.

  • Replace a long zipper.

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If the repair you need is missing from the list or if you have any questions, you can contact our team with clear photos of the damage at

All repairs must be submitted through the form or at one of our stores.