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Bookend, Brick White - Destroyers Builders
Bookend, Brick White - Destroyers Builders

(Showroom) Bookend, Brick White

Destroyers Builders

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Please note: this is a showroom product discounted at 40%. This product available for pick-up only at our Flagship store. If you have any questions regarding pick-up/shipping arrangements, contact us at

This serene object is made of solid brick. The price is per piece, not per pair.

Produced by Valerie_Objects.


About the Designer

A minimalist play of colour, shape and texture, that's the result of our collaboration with the young conceptual designer Linde Freya Tangelder a.‎k.‎a.‎ Destroyers/Builders.‎ Linde Freya deconstructed the small and seemingly banal elements of architecture and translated them into simple and pure design objects that spark the interior.‎ She morphed the shape of a simple curved tube into six beautiful table and wall objects such as a small shelf, a bookend and a little mirror.‎ The objects are made of brick, porcelain and steel: a mixture of high-end and low-end materials with natural textures.‎ ''I zoom in on the elements that most architects try to keep out of sight'', Linde Freya says.‎ While questioning the border between art and functionality, we believe that these objects have the power to become the new little altars of the contemporary home.


Please note: this is a showroom product only available for pick-up at our Flagship store. Showroom products cannot be returned.

If you have any questions, contact us at

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