Replacements & Refunds


We may replace products when they don’t hold up to our quality standards due to production errors. Our team will review your damages for these errors and check whether it qualifies for a replacement. A lot of consideration goes into a replacement and we don’t take replacing items lightly.

Replacing an item for a new one means that your old item might be discarded. If your product is still in usable condition, we’ll repair it and give it a second chance at our sample sale, so someone else can still put it to good use. Unusable products that can’t be repaired will be saved until we find a way to recycle them.

We always aspire to repair a product before we replace it. The repair team will offer you an option to fix the item before we send you a new one.

Contact to check if your item qualifies for a replacement.



If you are dissatisfied with your product because it doesn’t meet your expectations, we can offer a refund.

To qualify for a refund, you must return the product within 14 days of purchase with the store receipt or order number, the original packaging attached, and provided that the product has not been used.

You can’t apply for a refund when your product has damage due to wear and tear.


Find out how you can return an item for a refund.