You want a Christmas card!? Here’s your Christmas card!

You might have noticed that here at SUSAN BIJL we are pretty pretty pretty big fans of the 90’s Sitcom Seinfeld. If you haven’t heard of Seinfeld, it’s hard to really describe the hilarious series in words. It originated from an idea by comedians Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld to make ‘a show about nothing’ and aired from 1989 until 1998 on NBC. It’s often compared to another popular 90’s sitcom, but we don’t feel that’s a comparison even worth making ;-).

We are the types of fans that re-watch the show almost every year and still laugh over the same old jokes we’ve heard for many many times already. (yes, we’re disgusting nostalgic creatures). At the moment Seinfeld can be watched at Amazon Prime, a streaming service by Amazon, but we’ve heard that in 2021 Netflix will stream the complete 180 episodes!

You can of course checkout many Seinfeld clips on youtube or watch other programs by Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix such as ‘Comedians in cars getting coffee’ (check out an older blog post) or ‘Jerry before Seinfeld’.

With Christmas 2020 assumably being even darker than all other Christmasses we’ve experienced so far, we thought it’s nice to focus on something light-toned and funny and shed a light on Seinfeld episodes that cover ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ with links to clips to start your exploration into the world of Seinfeld.

The Pick
Although there isn’t a specific episode that is completely about Christmas, there’s several that slightly hinted through set dressings, and plots about present giving. In this context, our favourite episode must be ‘The Pick‘.

In this episode Jerry gets dumped by his girlfriend after she witnesses him scratching his nose, which she mistakes for him picking his nose. Part of the hilarious conversation between George and Jerry if it was ‘a pick or a scratch’ goes like this;

GEORGE: Was there any nostril penetration?
JERRY: There may have been some incidental penetration. But from her angle she was in no position to make the call.
GEORGE: So let’s say in her mind she witnessed a pick. Okay, so then what?
JERRY: Is that so unforgivable? Is that like breaking a commandment? Did God say to Moses thou shalt not pick?

In the same episode. Kramer talks Elaine into taking her picture for her Christmas card. She is humiliated when, after sending out her card to friends and relatives, Jerry discovers the photo accidentally exposes her nipple.

The Red Dot
Another great one hinting at Christmas is The Red Dot. The Red Dot has a mention of a Christmas office party, and the central plot device is a gift George gets for Elaine, but in typical Costanza style, he does it on the cheap and tries to pretend he is effusively generous.
Hopefully, these two suggestions help you to brighten up your Corona themed Christmas this year. They might even inspire you to explore more of the Seinfeld series on youtube or watch all 180 episodes next year on Netflix!

Merry Christmas!

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