White Homework

We want to take our responsibility in educating ourselves and our followers about anti-racism. We are white, and we know many of our followers are too. Although we believe very few people want to be racist, we know that racial dynamics are complex and deeply rooted in our western society. There are many fundamental customs and conventions at hand that benefit whites, and we don’t even notice them in our daily lives. It’s not enough not to be racist; we have to start to be actively anti-racist.

To be anti-racist, we believe you need to be well informed so that you can speak up to your friends, family and co-workers. Whenever someone says something that is considered racist, it is your responsibility to let them know and explain why it is racist.

In the last few days following the murder of George Floyd, there has been an overwhelming flow of information across social media. There are many well-informed researchers and activist collecting tips for what to watch, read and listen, and where to donate.

We highlighted our personal favourites:

Wit Huiswerk
Translated ‘White Homework’, this website created by Anne van der Ven is a reference work for white people who want to educate themselves about their fight against racism. Anne hopes to inspire her readers not only to read her collection of sources but also to take actions in their daily lives. You can search by themes like ‘Privilege’ or ‘Being White’ or by media type. We couldn’t have collected suggestions any better ourselves. The site is in Dutch but refers to many English works as well.

Kick Out Zwarte Piet
‘Zwarte Piet is Racisme’ and ‘Stop Blackface’ combined their forces to create the foundation ‘Kick Out Zwarte Piet’. The organization has one goal; they demand a visual change of the racist symbol Black Pete. They organise peaceful demonstrations during Sinterklaas and are also the force behind the protests against anti-black violence in Amsterdam, Den Hague and Rotterdam this week.

We used to enjoy Sinterklaas, but the appearance of Black Pete gave a sour taste to the celebrations. It’s unbelievable to see how many people refuse to alter their traditions, while those customs are hurting so many black children and adults. By donating to the KOZP foundation, you can support their ongoing fight against racism.

Check out their donation page on ‘Nederland wordt beter’ here.

LA 92
It is difficult to see very violent videos of police violence against black people, especially when they pop-up unexpectedly on social media. However, we believe in facing these horrors because they make us understand the severity of the events. LA 92 is a documentary that made us realize how deeply rooted this American problem of police violence is. This brilliant film by T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay shows in detail how the 1992 Rodney King riots started and placed them in the context of years of institutional racism in Los Angeles and the United States.

You can watch LA 92 on Netflix, or rent it on Youtube.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
This book by Reni Eddo-Lodge is on the top of our must-read list. In this book, she explores what it means to be a person of colour in Britain today. Frustrated with the way discussions of racism were being shut down by those who weren’t affected by it, she writes about white privilege, white-washed feminism and the link between class and race.

Order this book at your local bookstore.

Of course, there are many valuable sources to learn about white privilege and racism, and we didn’t even come close to giving you enough information about this subject. But hopefully, we inspired you to be more aware and gave you the courage to speak up. Together we can change the future!

Cover photo above by Mark Clennon, Top photo unknown.

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