The Recollection Archives – 2008: Reorganize

Our new collection ‘Recollection’ is a celebration of 20 years of reducing waste in a colourful way: 20 years of SUSAN BIJL. In the months to come, we’ll be looking back at milestones that mark important events and developments during those years. Let’s go back to around 2008.

From 2004 on, The New Shopping Bag was a big hit in Japan. In 2007 over 1000 stores were selling Susan’s original design. This success raised ambitions for the European market as well.

In 2008 Susan released her biggest collection of shopping bags so far. 14 base colours (such as Mauve, Green Sheen and Warm Grey) creating 56 combinations. This collection also introduced The New Shopping Bag in Mini (now the small size) for the smallest family member.
It was a hectic time. Just before Susan gave birth to her second child Kee, she launched a brand-new collection with leather bags and accessories. Susan transformed The New Shopping Bag into a leather version with the flash in a very subtle contrast using the suede side of the leather. A leather pouch and the so-called Super Shopper found its ways into high-end boutiques in Hong Kong, Japan and The Netherlands.

Photo’s left to right: Kee, the leather shopping bag, the SUSAN BIJL studio in 2008.

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