The New Generation – Djaliviah

In light of our new ‘Leftover’ collection, we’ve approached The New Generation to get their perspective on the environment, and what brings colour to their lives. For this edition we got the ins and outs from 13 year old Djaliviah dos Santos from Rotterdam.

Describe yourself in three words.
Companion-person, musically, crazy-fun

Tell us something about yourself and your hobby.
My hobby is to make music. I sing, play the piano, and practice on drums and guitar. I really love to listen to music and play music. My school is part of my hobby, sometimes it can be a bit tough, but I’m really happy that I go to school for music and dance. It’s really nice to be among people that share the same goal.

What part does colour play in your life?
Colour can really set the mood. I really like colour in my life, that makes is so happy. I like to wear colour, but I like black, too.

What do you do to make the world a little bit prettier?
I’m a vegetarian. I find it problematic how we treat animals. People always think that it’s tough to be a vegetarian and that it’s not tasty, but that’s not the case. It’s really not hard for me to not eat meat. More and more people become vegetarian, and that makes me very happy. The more people take initiative, the prettier the world becomes 🙂

What would you make of leftover fabrics?
It would be pretty cool to make instruments out of leftover fabrics 🙂

Is there anyone who inspires you to act more environment-friendly?
Everybody that acts in a good way regarding the environment! I’ve inspired some people myself, like my friend who started to eat less meat because of me. I love to see how more people take initiative.

What will the world look like in 10 years from now?
Despite that more and more people take initiative, there are still too few people that treat the environment right. Still people throw garbage on the street, and use a lot of plastic stuff. I hope and believe that in 10 years people will treat the environment much better.

Djaliviah is wearing The New Bum Bag in Floyd & Lobster. ‘Leftover’ will be available from November 22.
Photo by Jan Bijl.

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