The Leftover collection, a collection entirely made out of leftover fabric

In a further effort to reduce waste in a colourful way, we will launch a new collection entirely made of leftover fabric. The ‘Leftover’ collection unites fabric and colours from across past collections to create new sparkling and wild products.

Our mission statement is to reduce waste in a colourful way. In that spirit we originally created The New Shoppingbag, the bag to replace all plastic shopping bags. And in that spirit we now used the leftover fabric from past collections and to create a new collection.

Aptly named ‘Leftover’, the collection offers our popular The New Shoppingbag (small, medium and large), The New Pouch (small, medium and large) and The Long Strap in an abundance of colours spanning past collections.

Susan Bijl: “It’s natural for us to reduce the waste in our production chain and it’s also so much more fun to use leftover fabric to create something new. The result is a very limited collection. A collision of colours that is sparkling and wild, yet surprisingly coherent and contemporary.”

Our ‘Leftover’ campaign features creative fellow entrepreneurs who have a clear vision on how to deal with waste or Leftover materials. In the images above it’s (from left to right) Daniël Saat, from Spirit Restaurants, Erik and Arij from fashion brand Devastator and Sam Cruden from fashion brand C. Cruden. Photography by Jan Bijl.

‘Leftover’ will be launched on November 24th in our store in Rotterdam. We hope to see you there!

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