The 700+ SUSAN BIJL colouring pages you sent us (and the winners)

In these dark days of staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it would be fun to add some entertainment and colour to your lives by offering colouring pages of our products. But holy moly! We’d never expect you’d to download them and get creative so massively. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed with the more than 700 beautiful and creative colouring pages that you sent back to us.

It’s fantastic to see how diverse all your ideas are. We saw a lot of patterns, especially panther prints were quite popular. Some of you even designed complete collections with overarching themes. Many colouring pages also turned out a bit prophetic.

The success of this action goes far beyond what we expected. We’re moved by how many of you told us that it was a nice and even necessary distraction from the current situation. Thanks to all of you for this! You’ve brought a lot of extra colour to our lives, too.

The winners have been chosen by our entire team and they will all get an item of their choice. You can check the winning colouring pages out in the top image of this post. From left to right: Yinthe, who made a shopping bag monster, Faye with her multi-coloured backpack, The Trapped Men by Loena, icons of Rotterdam by Cheyenne and below a striped colour collection by Rémy, who did a very inspiring colour-research for his drawings!

As there were so many submissions and you made it such a hard choice for us to make, another 10 of you will get a The New Shopping Bag of their choice as a consolation prize. Check out all the entries here.

If you are as inspired by this flood of colour and creativity, you can still download the colouring pages from our website and get colourful yourself.

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