Support MONO: invest in a future where MONO can be a safe haven.

We are as much part of Rotterdam as Rotterdam is part of us. We feel connected with its creative and cultural spaces and want to give support whenever needed. As a progressive space for music and culture, MONO has proven its significance for our hometown. They need room to grow and develop but are under pressure from external factors. And so they can use some support. You can show your love by going to their Voor de Kunst crowdfunding and donate. Pick a SUSAN BIJL package and receive an exclusive, not-for-sale, blue Shopping Bag!

What MONO has to say about their future and the reason they started crowdfunding:
MONO. The cultural space for alternative sounds in Rotterdam. A rare unpolished diamond, in an authentic part of the city, at the edge of the centre. Where we organize festivals, manifestations, workshops, talks and create space for emerging DJ’s, producers and audiovisual artists. Where we invest together in a place that has the accessibility of a community centre, and that designs low-threshold artistic programs that relate to the international discourse.

This year was not easy, but we have shown our resilience and persistence. As specialists in making something from nothing, we have been creative with available resources and stood up for what we believe in. Everything we have built together, everything that is dear to us, is under pressure from external factors. More than ever, we are determined to come out stronger together and together give direction to this historic moment with all its far-reaching consequences for our survival.

Cultural Institute in progress
We join forces with our friends from (A)WAKE and are building a cultural institute in the making. As a home for the alternative sounds, established in the urban landscape of this city that has become strong through struggle, we form the basis for digital, youth and counterculture. With a hopeful look to the future, one that is supported by building blocks of nuance and polyphony, we share the need to make room for the possible, the imaginary, the connection.

Community as the foundation
The foundation is the ‘we’: a community that dares to make its voice heard loud and clear, a community built on shared values ​​of togetherness, connection and a collective voice. You are the foundation on which MONO is built and so we hope to appeal to you. Together with the help of our friends from Voordekunst, we are organizing this action to enable our survival, and to grow into a place that deserves the Rotterdam of the future. Where we make room within the squeezing boxes of identity, the expectation of the benchmark and the paragon of quality. Where we make room for new digital art with a visual studio, space for musical productions in our audio studio, and space for contemporary reading in a reading room. But above all, making room for the alternative sound that was, is and remains.

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