Save Museumpark!

Rotterdam’s iconic plaza for urban sports is about to change for the worse. Go to Museumpark on a nice day, and you will find so many beautiful people doing their thing; skaters, rollerskaters, hula-hoopers, dancers, teenagers and adults alike. The big coloured asphalt creates a unique spot in Rotterdam, where everyone is welcome and accepted to practice and chill. ⁠

Image museumpark

The current redevelopment plans designate a large portion of the plaza to grass patches. Additionally, the existing concrete surface is about to be replaced by nature stone, limiting sports such as skateboarding, roller-skating and longboarding. Skate stoppers are to be placed around the area. ⁠

Now, we are all for more green in the city! But the Museumpark is the primary hotspot for Urban Sports in Rotterdam and an important contribution to the cultural street scene, both for spectator and performer.⁠

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Share it with your friends and check out They are the initiators for the petition from which we lend the illustration and some words. ⁠

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