Reintroducing Leftover, a new collection made entirely out of leftover fabric

Following our 2017 ‘Leftover’ collection, we will be launching a new collection of the same name on November 22nd, that’s again made completely of leftover fabric. The ‘Leftover’ collection unites fabric and colours from across recent collections to create new refreshing and surprising products.

Our mission statement is to reduce waste in a colourful way. We originally created The New Shopping Bag, the bag to replace all plastic shopping bags. In the same spirit, we are using the leftover fabric from past collections to create a new collection. This ‘Leftover’ collection will be our very last collection not made of recycled materials.

Aptly named ‘Leftover’, the collection offers our popular The New Shopping Bag (medium and large), The New Pouch (small and medium), The New Bum Bag (small and medium) and The New Backpack in an abundance of colours spanning the recent ‘1975’, ‘Minerals’, ‘Grey, ‘Untitled’, and ‘Forever’ collections.

These bags will surely scare away any looming winter depression, as this might just be our most colourful collection to date. Most of the bum bags and backpacks feature an extra colour thanks to handles and straps that come in a different colour, or because of the black, pink or yellow zipper. The shopping bags all have yellow bindings on the inside.

Our campaign for the ‘Leftover’ collection will feature a bunch of youngsters – The New Generation – who we have interviewed about who they are and what sustainability means to them. Keep your eyes on our blog and social media for these fun and interesting features.

‘Leftover’ will be launched at the SUSAN BIJL store in Rotterdam on Friday, November 22nd at 17h00. We hope to see you there!

View the entire collection here.

Photos by Jan Bijl featuring from The New Generation: Sofyan, Artemis, Roos & Bink.

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