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Save the date! Next week we will present a brand new collection: Process. This collection celebrates the universal steps of a process, whether it’s creative or technical. Process launches on Friday, March 12.

A year of celebration turns into a year of reflection. Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2020, a year full of changes and uprisings, we had to come to a sudden stop. Due to the coronavirus, we weren’t able to have a big birthday party and sadly had to postpone our special collaborations. Like many others, we were running at full speed, and this pause forced us to come into a state of reflection. How do we move on? Why do we like what we do?

While taking our time to review the way we work towards something new, we discovered many fun elements of our process and let go of some set-in-stone guidelines.

The result is a collection that is created more freely than our previous collections. Instead of using the limit of 8 colours in one collection, Susan also used her favourites from Recollection to create exciting contrasts. Why get stuck in rules if you created them yourself?

The colour names in Process are possibly our most abstract ones yet. Using words like ‘concept’, ‘make’, ‘sample’ and ‘error’, we refer to universal steps of the creative process. A witty view is revealed when you combine these words in colour combinations like ‘sample & result’ and ‘idea & error’.

Process is a complete SUSAN BIJL collection honouring the steps we make towards something new. We systematically work for a sustainable and colourful future. We are taking our time to pay attention. We watch and learn.

This collection contains new variations of all SUSAN BIJL designs: The New Shopping Bag, The New Pouch, The New Strap, The New Bum Bag, The New Backpack, The New Foldable Backpack, The New 24/7 Bag, The New Protectable. Check out the complete collection here.

Process will be launched online at SUSANBIJL.COM and will be for sale from 10 am CET, March 12, 2021. You can also make an appointment to shop in our shop at the Mauritsweg! 

Note: The New Raincoat from this collection is delayed and will be released around the first week of April.

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