Linda Perhacs, the reappearing of a dental hygienist

They sometimes say: ‘the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist’. Well, that might be true, but there is one trick even more impressive: resurfacing after years of inactivity. It’s comparable to the golden rule every magician knows: audiences do not applaud for making something or someone disappear. They cheer when you bring it back. It’s the part of a magic trick that is named ‘the prestige’. It’s the most important part of any act of illusion.

In the past decade several almost forgotten musicians came back from nowhere as well. One of the more amazing examples is Linda Perhacs. This dental hygienist released one record in the early seventies, and then seemed to disappear. Until 2005, when she suddenly reappeared. Influenced by what was known then as the New Weird America-movement, contemporary folk artists like Devendra Banhart convinced her to return to the stage.

Her only record, named Parallelograms, was rereleased in 2007. Her music is quite fragile, and builds around her hauntingly beautiful high-pitched voice. One might wants to compare it to Vashti Bunyan, perhaps the most well known of the hippies that reinvented themselves over the year.

More recently, Perhacs also toured Europe. Amazing fact: even after 40 years out of the spotlights, Perhacs is still able to sing perfect harmonies. She even recorded a brand new album, which will be released in early 2014.

Perhacs shows us that staying true to yourself with something that’s really good, will never be outdated. A great inspiration, and something audiences will always applaud.

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