New collection: Insight

two models standing on the beach in front of fishing boats, with a bright orange shopping bag.


Insight: a reflective collection. Nature has provided us with fresh new insights and inspiration on how to take care of our planet. We reflect on our actions. We want to be more transparent and honest.

As a brand we add stuff to the world; we impact the planet and people. With landfills filling up with unworn clothing and fast fashion, we emphasise the importance of quality, long-term use and encourage you to think twice before you decide to buy more.

We prefer to repair a ragged, faded, old shopping bag than inflict something new on the planet. Our products are meant to be used, not consumed and disposed of. Love what you own. Take good care of it; long-term use comes with imperfections, and we celebrate them. 

To us, being around nature awakens new insights. The crisp mist on a morning run. The sprouting of a new plant of which we can eat the fruits when it’s grown—the sound of waves breaking on the shore. We are amazed by the colours that naturally exist. It brings us back to the importance of looking after our planet. Nature encourages us to take action.

We’ve had an insight; we can do better. Repair more, educate more, find better materials, have less stock, and launch fewer collections. Spend more time in nature, go outside!

Insight is a complete SUSAN BIJL collection with new colours inspired by a dune walk. This year reflects the importance of transparency in sustainability.

Photo by Jan Bijl.

Check out the complete collection here.

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