Inside The New Shopping Bag – Lewis Ramos

From time to time we ask a more or lesser-known user of the New Shoppingbag about his or her life.
In the 7th episode its talented skateboarder, local-with-Cape-Verdean-roots, frequent visitor of our shop and ‘backpack model’ Lewis Ramos.

Describe yourself in three words.
Enthusiastic , spontaneous and sociable.

Where are you now?
Skateboarding at the ‘Blaak Skatepark’, but it just started raining, so…yes…skate session over…

Tell us something about you and The New Shoppingbag
My name is Lewis Ramos. I live in Rotterdam, skateboarding is all I want to do. Furthermore, I also like surfing. I surf at Scheveningen or Hoek van Holland, but also on holiday in France. I’m in my fourth year of the ‘HAVO’ at Wolfert Bilingual school. When not at school, you can always find me at West Blaak. I work at Skatestore, also at West Blaak. I’m a sociable guy, always quite present, trying to make the best out of everything. I think The New Shoppingbag is just such a great item which shouldn’t be missed in anyone’s wardrobe! What I like about the bags is that they’re so recognizable. And I love the colors and the simple yet stylish design. I use them for everything. Going to the beach, school, supermarket, shopping and more.

Tell us something about Susan.
Susan is a very kind person. She’s very open to everyone. And it seems to me that she’s very happy doing what she does. My first contact with Susan was when I send her a message through instagram asking fro stickers for my skateboard. I’d never expect that she would actually get back to me, but she did. I picked up some stickers at her store which I really liked. The stickers are still on my deck and whenever I get more, I will definitely put them on my skateboard.

What ecological measures would you take if you ruled the world?
I would make everything ‘skateable’! I’m not sure if this is very ecological, but I would do it, for real! But I would also install cycling paths everywhere, so that people all around the world can take their bike to school instead of their car. Cycling is fun, good for the body and better for the environment of course! The only problem would be that not every climate is perfect for cycling, but hey…that’s why we have raincoats :-)) Electric motor scooters are fine as well.

How do you brighten up your existence?
Wherever I am, with whomever, I try to express my positive vibe and keep it sociable. Being sociable is my number one priority.

Which part does color play in that process?
Colour makes people happy and when people are happy, they’re sociable as well, but also concerned with what’s happening around them. Colour also suits my style. I love combining my colourful socks with other colourful items in my outfit. The New Shoppingbag is the finishing touch.

Which music have you been listening to recently?
Woo – Anthony Hamilton

left and right – d’angelo

gin and juice – snoop dogg

apple tree – erykah badu

(not just) knee dep- funkadelic

whats luv? – Fat Joe

bug a boo – destiny’s child

What’s is your biggest loss?
When my mother made me go to the heairdresser and they cut all my hair, because it was so tangled up. It was terrible!

What is your ultimate destination?
To skate and surf every day, enjoy life without sorrows.

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All images by Jan Bijl.

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