Inside The New Shopping Bag – Laura Schurink

laura schurink artworks

From time to time we ask users of The New Shopping Bag about their life. In light of our new art inspired collection ‘Untitled’, we’ve approached several fantastic artists to be part of this interview series.

The first one is Laura Schurink, she’s a young artist from Rotterdam that graduated in fashion from the Willem de Kooning Academy. She makes colourful and original collages and sculptures, one of which you can admire in our store right now, as part of the presentation of ‘Untitled’. And if you come to see it, you might just meet Laura herself as well, as she works part time in our store.

Describe yourself in three words.
Compositions, colours, playfulness

Where are you now?
Well a year ago I decided that I don’t what to be a fashion designer (I studied Fashion Design at de Willem de Kooning Academy). So lately I have been finding out who I want to be as an artist. Which for me means focussing on composition, colours, textures and materials but also disengaging from the borders of working in one specific discipline. At the moment I am quite happy with the direction my work is going and hope to continue developing and experimenting.

Tell us something about you and The New Shopping Bag
I got my first SUSAN BIJL shopping bag from a good friend who was working in the shop. It was mint green, I love pastels! I still use it a lot when I go to secondhand shops, the market or scrap to buy materials for my sculptures.

laura schurink artworks

Tell us something about Susan.
I actually met Susan just recently when I started working in the shop. But so far it has been really good to be part of the SUSAN BIJL team.

What ecological measures would you take if you ruled the world?
Consumer awareness is really important I think. I would start by forcing big (and other) companies to be transparent, but also more environment- and people friendly. To me this is only the start of a lot of change that needs to happen. There are so many aspects of capitalism that have a negative influence on the world. I guess it is really the mindset of people that has to change, which is a slow process.

How do you brighten up your existence?
By making little compositions. This could be with all the stuff I have laying around in my atelier and my house, or with the clothes I am wearing. But also finding unexpected beautiful compositions on the street, created by random things or just the perspective you are looking from. These compositions always give me a smile on my face and make me realize how we sometimes forget to see these things in our fast modern lives.

What part does colour play in that process?
A lot! Colours are a big part of everything I do. From getting dressed in the morning, to making art. Without them life would be so boring.

laura schurink artworks

What is you favorite ‘Untitled’ artwork? Or other favorite art (all time or recently)?
I cannot say that I have a favorite (Untitled) artwork. But when I was living in London I visited the Nation Gallery a few times. My favorite painting there was “Bathers at Asnières” by Georges-Pierre Seurat, somehow it always really impressed me.

How does art influence you in your daily life?
It is the way I look at things. I see compositions everywhere, every material can be an inspiration and an object, a word or a story can be the start of a concept. It keeps my mind busy in a playful way and open for new perspectives.

Which music have you been listening to recently?
Blood orange, Connan Mockasin, GENTS, Fever Ray….

What is your biggest loss?
Hmm I don’t really have a loss that I could point out as my biggest loss. Though my latest loss is my bike, which got stolen in front of my house. I was quite attached to it haha.

What is your ultimate destination?
Being able to keep making art and making a living out of it.

laura schurink artworks

Photography by Jan Bijl

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