Inside The New Shopping Bag – Elisa Maccario

From time to time we ask users of The New Shopping Bag about their life. The corona crisis makes for unprecedented times. Therefore we are asking some of our partners abroad to tell us how their lives look like now. This edition we are happy to introduce you to Elisa Maccario. With her agency mestudio Elisa represents SUSAN BIJL in Italy. We’ve got to know Elisa as a very colourful and stylish representative of our brand, who we are super happy to be a part of our international team.

Describe yourself in three words.
Positive – dynamic – smiling.

Where are you now?
I am in Milan, where I live since 2003.

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected you?
It is still difficult to imagine the real impact of this crisis. Everything has stopped very quickly and we are facing a very dramatic period. I work with independent brands and small boutiques that are suffering extremely at the moment. All the shops are closed since March 9th without knowing exactly when they will reopen. The brands had many beautiful collections ready to be delivered that are currently crammed in their warehouses.

We are all trying to imagine how the future will be after all this and we hope to come back to a better world.

I believe that, besides the tragedy, the COVID-19 is teaching us something very important about our way of living. So I’m trying to use this time as a precious moment to reconsider and rebuild the future in a positive way.

Tell us something about you and The New Shopping Bag
It was love at first sight. In these strange days going out for grocery is one of the most exciting activities of the day. I manage to put all that I need for the week into my L shopping bag that quickly became the best companion of this quarantine!

Tell us something about Susan.
I never met Susan but I was immediately attracted by her vision. I particularly love simple products and I appreciate it when a brand remains true to itself over the years. In addition to this, I was fascinated by the ecological aspect and by how Susan is really committed to making her business sustainable. She is definitely a determined woman who wants to look forward.

What ecological measures would you take if you ruled the world?
Fashion has a big environmental impact – from the production process to waste accumulation. A family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year. We should buy less, buy better quality and choose sustainable brands. In our showroom, we try to work as much as possible with artisanal brands and small businesses that are taking care of every single step of the process.

By the way, it is still difficult for the final customer to decide and to understand exactly which brands are really sustainable and who is just declaring it to sell more. I think it is important to introduce defined rules for the fashion system that will allow people to make more conscious choices.

How do you brighten up your days in the current crisis?
It might sound honeyed, but it’s true: I have a 9-month-old baby who makes this time together at home a truly unique and special experience. Sometimes it isn’t so simple but we are very lucky to have her smiling even during the worst moments of this quarantine. Days are also passing veeeeery fast!

Which music have you been listening to during the crisis?
I go from slow and sad music to extremely cheerful music, with songs for babies in the middle! I’ve been listening to Italian music a lot in this period – especially Lucio Dalla and Battisti. Their songs give me a sense of melancholy mixed with happiness that is really addictive.

What is your biggest loss?
Luckily my loved ones are still here, but we are all losing our freedom and that’s sad too!

What is your ultimate destination?
We were planning many little adventures for the summer, one of them was a campervan trip to Holland. Well, right now I’m just dreaming a Cappuccino seated at the corner bar – but I wish we could go for a long walk in the mountains surrounded by nature quite soon.

Countryside will be ok too.

Actually, all destinations sound pretty interesting right now 🙂

Photos by Elisa

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