Clean-Up Walk!

Join us on May 6th on our clean-up walk in Kralingen, Rotterdam! Together with ‘Het Onverharde Pad’, we will gear up with grabbers and bags to tidy the streets. 

It’s surprisingly tough to admit that frustration got the better of us. We’re all human, and some might even say it’s ok to let it all out sometimes. But the truth is, the amount of litter and rubbish we see around us when commuting to work is upsetting us. 

We spent a few minutes moaning, full-on negatively moaning, and then, like the subtle smell of coffee brewing, we reminded ourselves that ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ is a wonderful quote for many reasons. We’ll probably still moan a little in the future, but at least we’ve also taken some action ourselves. Even better, we decided to make it an event! We teamed up with ‘Het Onverharde Pad’ as they know how to make any walk an exciting and even educational experience. 

Picture: Karin Berkhoudt

Clean up

In a nutshell: we all get together and gear up with The New Trash Bag, which you get to keep afterwards (yes, the bags are machine washable!). We explore the area of Kralingen in Rotterdam and clean up what we find on our way! 

Afterwards, we enjoy some coffee/tea and cake at our office, and we do a prize draw where one of the participants will win a Trash Rack!

How to join

Saturday, May 6th: 10:00 - 12:30
Meeting point: SUSAN BIJL store & office - Oostzeedijk 108-1, Rotterdam.

Join the clean-up by registering in advance:
We look forward to cleaning up with you!


Het Onverharde Pad

Het Onverharde Pad promotes the connection between humans, nature, and the city through publications and walking events, inspiring people to walk the "Zo oud als de weg naar Kralingen" trail for a healthier society. Translated: ‘As old as the road to Kralingen’

In 2022, the trail was launched with a beautifully designed walking guide, which encouraged thousands of people to get moving in the first year. The walking guide is now in its second edition, challenging people to walk the 36 km long trail from Schiedam to Kralingen, either in parts or all at once. Het Onverharde Pad is making a significant contribution to improving the health of people and society, both physically and mentally, and encourages everyone to get moving.

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