Black & White: collections of bags and songs

Earlier this year we asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook about their ‘all time’ favorite SUSAN BIJL colour combination. We have been making our trademark bags for 16 years now, and hundreds of variations have been created over time. We wanted to re-introduce a combination that our fans were really excited to see return in our collection. Ironically, for the colorful company that we are, our most popular combination turned out to be Black And White.

Since we wanted to re-introduce the Black And White bag as a part of a small collection, we dived into the depths of our archive – which collects all colour combinations we’ve made through the years – searching for bags to complete the collection with. We recovered two beautiful bags that never made it into a collection before, a white bag with a white flash and a black bag with a black flash. Seeing these two samples both without the signature contrasting flash, we got very excited and decided to put all three bags together into a limited collection for Christmas 2016. The all black and all white bags make great accessories with your stylish Christmas outfit and are at the same time timeless items.

For the release party of the Black And White collection we put together a festive playlist, made up entirely of songs about black, white, (shopping) bags or Susan. As eclectic as our colourful company, as eclectic the playlist turned out to be, featuring classic artists as Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Curtis Mayfield and The Velvet Underground next to cult artists as Sonic Youth and Big Star, hip hop pioneers De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest and modern heroes like Frank Ocean, Algiers and Michael Kiwanuka.

Stream this playful playlist here.

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