Inside The New Shopping Bag – Bas Kosters


Every now and then we ask a ‘known’ user of The New Shoppingbag about their life and experiences. In this episode: Amsterdam based fashion icon Bas Kosters.

Describe yourself in three words.
A fashion artist.

You specifically say artist. Why not designer?
To me the term ‘designer’ is to narrow a description. I see myself as an artist, a person who expresses himself through his fashion.

What can you tell us about Susan Bijl and The New Shoppingbag?
Well, you guys contacted me! There is a picture on my Instagram with a New Shoppingbag, a brightly coloured one. I think it’s quite old, cause I’ve been using it for years. I immediately fell in love with it. I’m careful with my stuff, and in the case of The New Shoppingbag it paid off – it’s still in great shape, I use it for a lot of stuff.

It’s your world. What ecological measure do you take?
I believe in sustainability, although it’s not so simple to live up to it every day. When I started out with my fashion design, i controlled every part of it. When I started a line with ready-to-wear it shifted to a bigger process. I always try to match my conscience with my actions. I think everyone should at least try to achieve that. And I believe that is happening. People try to do ‘good’ again. I see it every day.

What part does colour play in your life?
A big part. I’m fascinated by it, try to experiment and play with it as much as possible. It saddens me that so much people choose to dress so dull. Al that beige and black on our streets! Colour is inspirational, a way to express yourself. It teases people. I really like that.

Paint us the picture of the future of Bas Kosters.
Well, I really want to do stuff with my own hand again. I think I kind off got drifted from the making process in the past years. When you start a brand you are alone, but then you turn into a company and you started working with employees and interns. I want to return to the table myself, start illustrating again. Furthermore – I am always looking for ‘mindfulness’ – to find peace in everything I do.

Images of Bas Kosters and his studio by Jan Bijl.

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