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We love classic design for daily use because well-made objects add quality and beauty to your life. The design of The New Shopping Bag has remained unchanged since its debut in 2000. Something about 'don't change a winning team' ;-). Imagine how we feel about Alvar Aalto's iconic Stool 60, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year!

Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto, a Finnish architect and designer, is renowned for his contributions to modernist design. Aalto co-founded Artek in 1935 with his wife, Aino Aalto, art promoter Maire Gullichsen, and historian Nils-Gustav Hahl. At Artek, Alvar Aalto played a crucial role in designing and developing furniture, lighting, and other products that reflected his modernist design principles.

Aalto believed that design should be functional and practical but also beautiful and elegant. He sought to create products that were both aesthetically pleasing and that could improve your daily life. To achieve this goal, Aalto often worked with natural materials, such as wood, and experimented with new techniques and production methods. One of his most famous designs is the Stool 60, first introduced in 1933 and still in production today.

Stool 60

The Stool 60's design, made from a solid birch wood seat and bentwood legs, is characterised by the elegant, smooth curves and natural materials that Aalto favoured. A notable feature is that the stool has three legs instead of four, making it the perfect seat on uneven floors. It is an essential item in Susan and Vincent's home, serving as a seat, table, storage unit, small step ladder, or display surface.

Chair 65 and Chair 66

Another great design by Aalto is Chair 65, also created in the 1930s and still in production. Like the stool, the simple and elegant design emphasises the natural beauty of the wood, but Chair 65 features a curved backrest. The Chair 66 is designed similarly to Chair 65 but features a higher backrest. This chair was made specifically for use in the Paimio Sanatorium, a hospital that Aalto designed. He created the chair to provide patients comfortable seating while aiding their recovery by promoting good posture.

Curated by Susan Bijl

Alvar Aalto's designs have become icons of Scandinavian design, and therefore, a true honour to introduce them to our homeware collection. Susan has curated a unique selection of material and colour combinations for our store. Feel free to come and try the stools and chairs in our Oostzeedijk store, or discover the collection online.

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