A Christmas for everybody

That most wonderful time of the year is upon us. A time of family and friends. A time of warmth during the cold. A time of peace during war. Unfortunately, Christmas is not as warm and peaceful for all. As many of us have a bit to spare, we’d like to look at some ways how we can include those in need, both within our communities as across the world, into these festivities.

Earlier this year we released our GREY collection. Unfortunately, due to an error at the production plant, we got pouches that did not meet our standard for selling them. As they are however still great for personal use, we will be giving all of them as Christmas gifts to patients at the Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, our local children’s hospital.

If you’d like to spread the Christmas vibes in a similar way, here are some initiatives that we found inspiring.

Give away your Christmas box
In The Netherlands, many employees get Christmas boxes filled with food and other stuff from their bosses. If not everything in it matches your taste or needs, why not give the box to your local foodbank? You can do this by yourself or with your colleagues. The more the merrier, right?

Making a difference across the world
Millions of people are spending Christmas in refugee camps because they had to run away from war, poverty or disaster. Millions more do spend it at home, but with little access to clean water, healthy food or proper education. You can embrace the Christmas spirit through some fantastic projects that both Oxfam Novib and Unicef have set up.

Through Unicef, you can give a variety of great gifts to child refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Greece. You can choose between blankets, nutritious food, clean water, warm clothes and toys.

If you’d like to give away feeding lessons to mothers in Peru, or clean water for refugees across Africa, or even a goat or chicken to help feed families in Cambodja or Niger, then Oxfam Novib has the perfect gifts for you to give away.

How about the rest of the year?
For those who feel inspired and would like to make a difference for a child in need throughout the year, there is Stichting Jarige Job. In their webshop, you can buy birthday boxes, gifts, food, pies, decorations and treats to turn the birthday of a child living in poverty into a true celebration.

If you know of any other great initiatives, feel free to share them with us. Have a great end of 2019 and take care of your close ones and those in need. To us, that is the true Christmas spirit!

Illustration via Voedselbank Nederland
Pie €7,00 at Stichting Jarige Job
Blanket €5,00 at Unicef
Clean drinking water €20,00 at Oxfam Novib

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