KASSL Editions and SUSAN BIJL are pleased to introduce a collaboration based on a shared value: what we wear should always be functional and timeless.

This special edition of SUSAN BIJL’s shopping bag is reinterpreted in KASSL’s signature oil-coated cotton blend and lined with SUSAN BIJL’s ripstop nylon. The design and the material unite the simplicity and tactility of both brands. This bag is made to be worn and used: it becomes more beautiful the longer it is worn.

KASSL Editions and SUSAN BIJL approach their product design in similar ways. The brands both promote a conscious attitude towards buying and consuming goods. They make timeless, durable, and quality-made items that you can wear daily. 

The oil-coated cotton in this edition of SUSAN BIJL’s The New Shopping Bag accentuates the iconic design's relaxed silhouette. It retains its functional qualities while achieving the quality of a luxury bag.

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