Flying carbon neutral with FairClimateFund

Everything we do impacts our environment. It’s always been that way, and it will always be. The food we eat, the energy we use, the products we consume, the travels we make: they simply cannot be without impact. What we can control is how we deal with this. We can reduce the impact, and at the least we can do our best to compensate this.

At SUSAN BIJL we are constantly reconsidering how we impact our planet and how we can minimalize this impact. The New Shopping Bag was created as a super durable alternative to regular shopping bags, and by reducing their waste in a colourful way. In an effort to reduce this even further, our upcoming collections will be made from recycled ripstop nylon. This is a huge step for us. In the same spirit we are replacing all our plastic packaging with paper.

As we produce our bluesign certified products in Asia, we sometimes cannot escape from flying over there to meet our suppliers and see how we can improve the production process. This is a necessary evil. Luckily there are great opportunities to at least compensate for the CO2 emission caused by these flights, and we’d like to focus here on how to fly climate neutral thanks to FairClimateFund.

FairClimateFund is a Dutch organization that offers a variety of solutions to consumers and companies on reducing their carbon footprint. One of them is the CO2 calculator that lets you simply calculate how much CO2 you emit through electricity and gas usage, car travels or flights. When we fly to China or Japan, the calculator shows us that to compensate these CO2 emissions we have to put about €36 per single flight into one of their Fairtrade certified projects. €36 for flying across the world, that’s not too bad right? Definitely if it’s well spent on helping women in India getting cleaner and greener cookstoves.

As most of Europe is approaching their summer holidays, some of you might have planned flying to some nice and exotic destinations to break away from regular life. If you were looking for a way to make the travel a bit more green, know that FairClimateFund has just the solution for you.

Enjoy your holidays!

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