Closing the circle: all new SUSAN BIJL bags now made from recycled materials

We can’t stress enough that care for nature and the environment are the heart of our business. Our motto is reducing waste in a colourful way, right? In our previous blog, we already told you that we are replacing all our plastic packaging by paper. Now we are super happy to let you know that all new collections will be made of recycled ripstop nylon and polyester.

You might think this step is long overdue, but the fact is that these developments don’t go as quickly as we’d like to. For years we’ve been looking at ways to switch to more sustainable production, including going fully recycled, but only now have we found a way through which we can guarantee the high quality you’re used from us for the affordable prices that we are happy to offer.

The second edition of the very popular SUSAN BIJL <3 Rotterdam bag, which we’ll launch on November 15th, will be the very first The New Shopping Bag made entirely of recycled ripstop nylon.

For these recycled materials, we are moving our production from Taiwan to China. This might sound strange, but China is a world leader in the area of sustainable innovation. We are in close contact with the production facility, so we have a good sight on the working environment and are sure that the workers work in safe and fair conditions.

The nylon is mostly made of fishing nets, but also of pre-consumer fabric waste and computer chips. And just like our previous materials, the recycled nylon is bluesign certified, making sure that no harmful materials are used. On top of that, all new SUSAN BIJL products will also be GRS certified.

For our heavy fabric, which is used in The New Bum Bag and The New Backpack, we use 100% recycled polyester. Needless to say that this is also bluesign and GRS certified.

As you can see, we are constantly doing whatever it takes to reduce our ecological footprint, without impacting the quality and affordability of our colourful products.

Read more about the relaunch of the SUSAN BIJL <3 Rotterdam bag here.

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