The New Tote Bag in Black & Black!

About the collection

Black & Black embodies the success of our least colourful combination. The monochromatic combo has been a permanent fixture in our collection since 2020 and, to this day, our most sought-after colourway.

Expo & drinks

Come through to celebrate with Black & Black themed drinks, bites & music by Vinnie Foewakka (At Denko’s) on Thursday June 27th, at our Flagship store from 17:00 to 20:00.

Along with this launch, we are also celebrating Kazuki’s three-month internship!
Join us for an exclusive showcase of Kazuki’s drawings, featuring works inspired by SUSAN BIJL campaigns and personal sketches from a year away from Japan. Kazuki’s analogue, freehand style captures a sense of traditional American tattoos, as well as graphic illustrations. His work offers a blend of simplicity and accuracy, reflecting the original as a drawing.

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