New collection ‘1975’ celebrates Susan Bijl’s year of birth

We recently launched our new collection ‘1975’. With colour names as Volvo, Oak, Vinex, Cleese, Jaws, Zappa, Oranda and Floyd, ‘1975’ is a colourful celebration of Susan Bijl’s year of birth.

It’s 1975 and a girl called Susan is born into the Bijl family. Susan Bijl, designer. Susan Bijl, curator of colours. Susan Bijl, post-materialist – in her childhood her favorite way of cleaning her room would be throwing away her stuff and later on she would design the bag to replace all bags, simply because she doesn’t like bags.

It’s 2018 and SUSAN BIJL launches a collection that celebrates her birth year: the ‘1975’ collection. It celebrates how her parents lived in a typical new Vinex district, with a Volvo car as their transport of choice. How interiors made of oak were everywhere, and orange (oranda) was dominant in design. How John Cleese lightened up the lives with Monthy Python and Fawlty Towers, while Jaws gave thrills and chills in the cinemas. How Frank Zappa bloomed with his twisted music and Pink Floyd released their classic ‘Wish You Were Here’.

The ‘1975’ collection offers well known SUSAN BIJL products The New Shoppingbag, The New Pouch, The New Backpack, The New Protectable, The New Foldable Backpack and The Long Strap in new colour combinations, that reflect the past in fresh and contemporary way. SUSAN BIJL also presents The New Keychain for the first time, as part of this collection.

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