Introducing SHIFT

Improving our products.
Increasing our use of natural materials.
Introducing The New Tote Bag.

A new bag design and a collection defining the future of SUSAN BIJL products! We are introducing natural materials and ensuring more synthetic details are from recycled materials.

The New Tote Bag

SUSAN BIJL designs have a history of influencing each other. The New Pouch inspired The New Bum Bag, not as a replacement but more like its sturdy & waterproof sibling. For each new design, we look for products we want to use ourselves daily.

This year, we are welcoming The New Tote Bag! The design stems from The New Stash Bag– a spacious shopping bag with added perks like a zipper and an inner pouch. The tote bag takes the stash bag design even further by providing waterproof protection and an inner sleeve to safeguard a laptop. 

The New Tote Bag comes in two sizes: medium, ideal for day-to-day use, perfect for work, and has plenty of space for additional items. And large, an oversized model that can carry much more than essentials for weekends away. 


We proudly present the SHIFT collection – a testament to our commitment to improving our products, increasing the use of natural materials, and reducing our environmental impact.

One of the central pillars of the SHIFT collection is the emphasis on creating products that are built to last. We have carefully crafted small yet significant improvements to key items to expand their lifespan and enhance their durability. These adjustments include a new zipper for The New Backpack, the use of Yulex® natural rubber instead of neoprene, and the introduction of hemp as an alternative for synthetic webbing.


Hemp is not only highly durable and long-lasting, but growing and processing hemp has minimal harmful environmental impact compared to other natural fibres. It is a renewable fibre that grows quickly and heartily in various climates, requires little water, and can benefit the soil by replenishing vital nutrients. The hemp straps of The New Tote Bag are a prime example of our commitment to increasing the use of natural materials, aligning slowly but surely with our vision for the brand.


Yulex is a natural rubber alternative developed in collaboration with Patagonia for their neoprene wetsuits. It replaces the synthetic neoprene we have been using in the past. Yulex presents the same qualities as its predecessor: soft, thick and reliable for many years of protection.

Recycled parts & details

A bag has many parts and details, and we are taking significant steps to ensure we make everything from certified recycled materials. We can now guarantee a recycled TPE coating on our 300D fabric, recycled nylon labels and zippers, and a 100% recycled polyester bottom panel in our medium bum bag. The 70D fabric coating is now also Bluesign® certified, just like the dyeing of our fabrics.

Our goal is to encourage a more sustainable approach to consumption. Investing in high-quality products allows you to enjoy your favourite pieces for years, reducing the need for frequent replacements!

Launch & new store opening!

The SHIFT collection and The New Tote Bag will be released on Friday, September 29th, at 10 am CET. This collection will be available online, in our stores and at selected retailers.

We will also be celebrating the opening of our new flagship store on the 29th! Stop by for a drink at the Nieuwe Binnenweg 94, Rotterdam, from 17:00! 

view the collection here

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