Into The Echo Chamber with Mike D

Let’s just start this post with a confession. We are nerds. Total music nerds. Music has been everywhere in our lives for as long as we can remember. Listening to it. Playing instruments. Obsessively watching MTV when we were young. Visiting concerts. So it’s no surprise there’s always music playing in our Rotterdam flagship store aka office. Our playlist is diverse, from afrobeat to noise rock to hip hop. Among our favourite stuff to listen to is The Echo Chamber, the very fun and inspiring radio show by Michael Louis Diamond.

Who?! Beastie legend Mike D, boiii! The man who so generously, together with his accomplices MCA and Ad Rock, gave us so many revolutionary hip hop songs and albums, from “Fight For Your Right” to “Intergalactic”. Knowing how the Beastie Boys albums abruptly move from hip hop to punk rock to instrumentals, it comes as no surprise that Mike D’s radio show covers a broad variety of music.

With his light mood and bright spirit, Mike D fills his Apple Beats radio show The Echo Chamber with hip hop hypes, art rock anthems, zeroes heroes, funk fantastics and jazz jewels, among many many many many more. Just take a look at his latest episode, where he goes from Travis Scott to Arcade Fire to Howlin’ Wulf to Frank Zappa to Quincy Jones to The Velvet Underground to The Clash to New Order to A Tribe Called Quest and ending with Dr. Dre. How can this guy expect us to sit still for one single moment during these 3 hours?!

Adding even more spice to this great dish, on each of his shows Mike D is accompanied by a special guest. They come as diverse as you’d expect from his eclectic playlists. Kim Gordon, Shawn Stussy, A-Track, BadBadNotGood, Warpaint, DJ Shadow, Slaves… those are just a few of the great musicians, athletes, DJ’s and more that joined him at the Pool House to pick music and talk about their work, lives, inspirations and whatever fun comes to mind.

Want to get your body movin’? Tune in to all The Echo Chamber episodes – 24 so far – on Apple Music here.

Echo Chamber!

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