Hidde van Schie, a colourful yet eerie palette

Our friend Hidde van Schie (1978) is a master of many domains. His main output is that of an artist. He has been gaining attention and recognition with his paintings, collages and installations for over ten years now. Besides that, he is an acclaimed singer-songwriter. He released a double LP named Dusty Diamond Eyes this year. He frequently collaborates as a musician with his peers, and in the past he was an actor, performing with some of the finest theatre groups The Netherlands has to offer. Like we said: a versatile man.

As a painter Hidde offers a very rich palette of color and texture. His work borders on both the figurative and the abstract. Human faces, trees and especially birds are omnipresent in his paintings. But don’t mistake them for peaceful subjects. His birds are usually crying, the trees are wild and the faces often unrecognizable. This gives the viewing of his work a great tension and ambivalence – the subtext is always eerie.

Currently there is a very special exhibition of Hidde’s work to be seen in Rotterdam. It doesn’t take place in a gallery or museum. It’s presented at Robert van Oosterom; a retailer of fine interior design. They combined the furniture on display with Hidde’s works of art and the result is quite refreshing. It creates a tableau in which both art and design benefit from each other.

We strongly suggest making time to visit the exhibition, when you are in Rotterdam. Take a look into the unique world of Hidde van Schie.


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