Inside The New Shopping Bag – Ernest van der Kwast

Each month we ask a frequent user of The New Shopping Bag about their experiences with the bag and with some aspects of life in general. In the first episode: a short conversation with writer Ernest van der Kwast (1980).

Who are you in three words?
Human who writes.

Where’re you at?
At home, in our living room slash kitchen slash car racetrack.

An anecdote about the New Shopping Bag?
I once stole a banner from the Schouwburg theater in Rotterdam and it was used to make a Shopping Bag. But I never took the bag outside.

An anecdote about Susan?
During her studies, Susan worked in a coffee bar. Every Sunday morning, I went there to drink espresso. I think I must have drunk 750 espressos made by her.

What ecological measures would you take if you were president?
I would argue for an energy-neutral country: every house, every city. Not by tomorrow, but by 2045.

How do you brighten up your world?
Probably still by reading a book. A magical novel by Meir Shalev or a glowing story by James Salter.

What about colour?
I think amber is a nice color, but normally I wouldn’t tell anyone.

What music are you listening to now?
A Rotterdam band, Analogue Dear. I can listen to their Drawing Patterns EP endlessly while writing.

What’s your greatest loss?
My life has been blessed until now; without any big losses. Once, I lost a scarf that my girlfriend had knitted for me. Took me a year to dare tell her.

Did you find it again?

What is your destination?
Nobel Prize for Literature (my mother would be happy).

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