Au revoir Jean-Luc Godard - Now at Kino!

Le Mépris, 1963

We are very excited that KINO, our favourite local cinema, is showing the works of Jean-Luc Godard. The reason is a little less celebratory; Godard recently passed away at age 91, but his oeuvre and legacy are immense and will live on.

SUSAN BIJL's co-founders, Susan and Vincent, were film students in the late 90s at the Willem de Kooning Academy and were attracted to Godard's loose and intuitive approach to storytelling through cinema.

The French-Swiss director is known as one of the founders of Nouvelle Vague cinema in the 50s and 60s. His work appeals to us because of his poetic, radical and abstract approach to film. Not afraid to use extreme montage, odd use of sound, bold typography and colour made his technique quite experimental for the time.

Week-end, 1967

Very often, Godard's films are about the craft of filmmaking itself. He's also known for his political voice and ability to make strong films on a relatively low budget. Godard inspired many contemporary film directors, such as Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, Vincent Gallo, Martin Scorsese and many many more.

WeekendUne Femme est Une Femme and Pierrot Le Fou are among our favourites, the last two titles are part of the program at KINO. 

Visit KINO and get inspired to discover the works of Jean-Luc Godard.

Pierrot le fou, 1965
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