The New Generation – Roos & Bink

In light of our new ‘Leftover’ collection, we’ve approached The New Generation to get their perspective on the environment, and what brings colour to their lives. For this edition, we have siblings Bink (12 years old) & Roos van Bergen (15 years old) from Rotterdam.

Describe yourself in three words.
B: Skateboarding, vague, hamburgers.
R: Bit funny, sporty.

Tell us something about yourself and your hobby.
B: I love to skateboard and I play soccer.
R: I’m Roos and I really love sneakers, fashion, soccer and my friends a lot.

What do you do to make the world a little bit prettier?
B: I separate the plastic waste and other trash.
R: I’m a vegetarian.

What would you make of leftover fabrics?
R: At school I’m currently working on a coat made of bubble wrap, in order to reuse that.

Do you make an effort to use less plastic and reduce the stuff you use?
B: Reusing.
R: Using SUSAN BIJL for groceries.

What would you change in this world?
B: That not everything costs money.
R: That everybody respects each other. And that everybody can express themselves when they dress in a special way. And that people don’t act shitty whether you like boys or girls. It all shouldn’t make a difference.

Roos is wearing The New Bum Bag in Black & Liu and Bink is wearing The New Pouch in Apple & Tornado.
‘Leftover’ will be available from November 22.
Photo by Jan Bijl.

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