SUSAN BIJL celebrates her love for art with new ‘Untitled’ collection

This Friday, February 22nd, we will launch ‘Untitled’, our new collection. ‘Untitled’ is a feast of colour and composition, giving a nod to the art that has inspired Susan.

Out of nothing comes something. That’s the magic of creation. But don’t be mistaken. This nothing is not a blank void. It is rich with context and inspiration. When the artist takes this nothing as a source, the artist actually takes a deep plunge within their self, searching for the right angle.

For Susan Bijl, this angle is often found in art. In the use of colour in history’s most fantastic paintings. In the complex of tints, and in the contrasts that make up the compositions. For her 2019 collection ‘Untitled’, she took this a step further and made a collection where the inspiration became the art itself. Reflecting some of her favorite painters.]
Introducing tongue in cheek colour names such as Pool (for blue), Horse (for brown), Country (for green), Wall (for grey) and Dahlia (for purplish), these objects of ‘Untitled’ paint a brand new SUSAN BIJL collection. With all the renown items such as The New Shopping Bag and The New Pouch, as well as newcomers such as The New Bum Bag and The New Raincoat.

‘Untitled’ is a lively and abstract homage to how art has enriched her life. How art has offered her room for contemplation and imagination. How it has energized and amazed her. This art speaks for itself and needs crown nor title.

‘Untitled’ will be available from SUSAN BIJL retailers worldwide from February 22nd.

Come celebrate this new collection with us at the SUSAN BIJL store in Rotterdam on Friday February 22nd at 17h00, with DJ Stefan Tijs, and vegetarian food by Spirit.

Pictures by Jan Bijl

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