More colourful than ever: the new SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot

Three years after our first collaboration, we’ve teamed up again with Bertjan Pot. The result is a collection that is even more colourful than the 2 we did together before. We will launch the new SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot collection on the 4th of September.

As this year is our 20th anniversary, we wanted to blow you away with something very bold and colourful. Therefore, we invited Bertjan Pot to work with us again. The result is a multi-multi colour collection, as well as a special edition of The New Shopping Bag. The release was set for April 2020, but when Covid-19 hit the world around February, we didn’t really feel like throwing a party… BUT…this September we will take the opportunity to release this celebratory collection, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with!

The Fringe Party
For this collection, we are releasing a special edition of The New Shopping Bag that couldn’t be more festive. With a wit typical for his designs, Bertjan added fringes to the side and bottom seams of our shopping bag. Walking into a party with this bag, …life will never be the same.

The Multi-Colour Party
Bertjan also took our Bum Bag and Backpack and gave all pattern parts a different colour, which resulted in up to 23 different colours in one bag! With his sense for colour, he gave all combinations a distinctive colour range and, you will surely find one that suits your style.
The collection offers 3 new multi-colour versions of The New Bum Bag (S and M), as well as 3 new multi-colour editions of The New Backpack.
We will also release 3 new versions of The New Shopping Bag (M and L) and 3 new versions of The New Pouch (S and M) all in new combinations of 6 colours each. Check out the entire collection here.

Bertjan Pot
When Bertjan and Susan teamed up for the first time, we released a collection that existed out of 6 different colours instead of 2. The collection was very well received all around the world and sold out really quick. Danish Design brand HAY took note and in 2019 launched a follow-up collection as The Six Colour Bag by SUSAN BIJL for HAY.
Bertjan is one of our favourite people and artists. We love his colourful work, such as his masks and gloves. Bertjan also makes beautiful kites, which he features on his Instagram with the hashtag #neverworkingnevernotworking – describing the playfulness of his work.
Susan and Bertjan clearly connect over the colourfulness in their work. One could also see similar elements in Bertjan’s kites and our bags; it is hard to unsee the comparison of the Fringe Shopping Bag to his colourful kites ;).

We will launch the new SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot on September 4th at our brand new store. Located at the Oostzeedijk 108 inside De Achtertuin, we host our office, warehouse and the second location of our store. The launch will be all day long, from 10:00 till 21:00! Come by and check out the new collection and installation with works from Bertjan Pot’s personal work.
We will respect the 1,5-meter distance during the launch. The collection will also be available online and at our flagship store at the Mauritsweg 45a (open 10:00 – 18:00).

Photography by Jan Bijl, casting by Isis Vaandrager.
Model above Rien, model left Harry.

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