10 years on the Mauritsweg!

Our flagship store is moving! With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to our Mauritsweg location, as it's time for a larger space and a fresh beginning. Just a 4-minute walk down the road, we are setting up shop on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 94. Here, you’ll find all SUSAN BIJL items and a selection of homeware, beauty products and more. The store’s interior has been designed by Susan Bijl in collaboration with Adrianus Kundert. Join us for the grand opening on September 29th ánd the launch of a new collection!

Let's rewind

Back in 2014, we opened our Rotterdam store. A big move! After 14 years of The New Shopping Bag and thoughtful contemplation, we finally opened our very own store. Nestled in the heart of the city, our headquarters united our office, studio, and store all in one place.

The Mauritsweg 45a: a building with visible history. Its big, open shop window surrounded by a granite facade is original to the structure, which was constructed in 1876. In 1922 a modernly furnished butcher opened its doors, presumably one of the first stores in Rotterdam with electric lightning! In the following century, a bank and several hairdressers occupied the space.

Hidden treasures

During our renovation process, we stumbled upon hidden gems beneath layers of history. A beautiful old tile floor emerged, and the removal of a suspended ceiling revealed an ornate original one. The authenticity of Mauritsweg's heritage seamlessly melded with our minimalist aesthetic, instantly resonating with our visitors.

The first collection

In 2014, we introduced our Horizons collection, marking a pivotal moment. The collection featured curated colours such as Seaweed, Rock, Ocean, and Shrimp. At the time, we were merely selling shopping bags and pouches, and it would take a few more years before we would expand the SUSAN BIJL collection.

In 2017, we decided it was time for a severe makeover. Because we were renovating anyway, we first painted the entire store black to celebrate our Black & White collection. Together with Rob van Oosterom, we remodelled our quirky 'wall of shopping bags' (made from bed bases!) into a shop with a counter and professional display boards. This interior housed our expanding collections in the years that followed.

From two bag designs in 2014 to more than 13 designs and a raincoat in countless colour combinations in 2023, the time is right to start the next chapter!

Nieuwe Binnenweg 94

A new flagship store down the road, freshly renovated for the opening and designed by Susan herself in collaboration with Adrianus Kundert. As soon as the paint is dry, we will open our doors on Monday, September 25th. The Mauritsweg will be closed from that day.

The store will be our new home, where we will present all of our products alongside carefully selected interior items and homeware goods. We look forward to getting to know our new neighbours, as well as showing around long-time regulars and returning customers.

If you’d like to be part of the pinnacle opening moment, join us on September 29th, 17:00 - 21:00. Bring your dancing shoes!

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