SUSAN BIJL X Green Friday

November 25th is our Green Friday. This means that our stores and webshop will be closed for the entire day. Inspired by Dille & Kamille who initiated the idea, we call out to consume less.

Closing our stores and webshop

In general, we avoid as many discount and sales focussed campaigns as possible. This year, however, it is time to make a stronger statement. Our two Rotterdam-based stores will be closed for the day, and the webshop will be unavailable from midnight to midnight. The initiative is in tune with the underlying vision of our brand: live consciously, love what you own, and look after your surroundings. Repair instead of replacing. 

Buy less instead of more

Our aim remains to create products that last a long time with timeless designs, and we hope to inspire people to buy less instead of more. In addition, we offer a free repair service for all products. With this service, we honour the possibility of repairing any small or larger damages that may occur with time. If quality products can be fixed, there is less need to replace them.

Dille & Kamille

Like Dille & Kamille, we hope to inspire other brands to take similar actions. In addition, on November 25th, our staff will be volunteering for an organisation in nature. A small gesture against the discount-driven, sales-focused consumption campaign of that specific day.

For more info on the initial initiative by Dille & Kamille:

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