From Stash to Tote

SUSAN BIJL designs have a history of influencing each other. For example, The New Pouch was the direct inspiration for The New Bum Bag. Not as a replacement, but more like its sturdy, 3D and waterproof sibling.

For each new creation, we look for products we want to use ourselves daily, and we like the idea that new designs emerge from each other.

In 2021, we introduced The New Stash Bag. Roughly 20 years after the start of our most popular, and may we say, iconic design: The New Shopping Bag. To add something extra to our usual minimalistic style, The New Stash Bag was created, featuring a zipper at the top and an inside pocket, also with a zipper. Imagine using only The New Shopping Bag so far; this new design was huge news!

From one design to another

From pouch to bum bag was a matter of creating a 3D version and going from 70D fabric to 300D. What if something similar happened to The New Stash Bag? Combining the perks of a shoulder bag and the protection of our 300D material.

These sparks coincided with a year full of collaborations and pop-up projects in Japan, meaning we were travelling again after years of staying put due to the pandemic. The creation of a new product comes with a lot of various prototypes and a lot of personal testing by Susan herself, her family, and the SUSAN BIJL team. In case of travelling or commuting with a laptop, we were used to using The New Backpack and The New 24/7 Bag. Our Japan endeavours were a perfect opportunity to test what is now The New Tote Bag. The big pockets, the volume, the waterproof protection, and the sturdiness were welcomed with open arms!

The New Tote Bag

After many sketches, stitchings, testings and re-writes, it all came together in our most recent SHIFT collection. A collection that emphasises increasing the use of natural materials like hemp and YULEX.

From stash to tote, it’s in the bag!

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