Bum Bag Bash!

Presenting a limited collection of The New Bum Bag!

We recently asked our customers what comes to mind when they think of SUSAN BIJL. 'Colourful' was mentioned by nearly everyone. Interestingly enough, our monochrome combinations, especially Black & Black, are by far our most sought-after items. Time to celebrate this phenomenon! 

Imagine a monochrome party with one of our most popular items, The New Bum Bag, as our special guest. We added some contrasting colours, not in the Flash, but scattered like confetti. The result: a Bum Bag Bash! 

The collection consists of six bum bags in three base colours, all with different colour zippers and straps. Of course, as per Susan's delightful, playfully defiant nature, you won't find the same combinations for medium and small.

Available from June 30th, 10 AM CET on SUSANBIJL.COM, in stores and with selected retailers. 

Check out the complete collection here.

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