Remty Elenga: artist in the Susan Bijl Store

Remty Elenga (Los Angeles, 1987) is a versatile artist. Her work features sculptures, installations, photography and video and was exhibited on several art fairs, Showroom MAMA and at the Rotterdam based gallery Frank Taal. She lives and works in Rotterdam.

The Susan Bijl store at the Mauritsweg in Rotterdam features one of her works. It is called Growing Plants Indoors – it consists of a wooden casing and Plexiglas in which a collage/photographic representation of a banana plant and light are sculptured. We talked to Remty about her work.

So Remty, how was this particular work conceived?
“Well, I originally made it for my graduation exhibition at the art academy. I graduated in 2012 from the Willem de Kooning Academy here in Rotterdam. The work was part of a double presentation that also included a video, named All the screens in my house. That work featured myself, sitting on a chair holding all the ‘screens’ that i owned on that moment. Both that work and this one, with the plant, are about the perception towards an object – a familiar, functional object – in a personal space.”

“The great thing about the position it currently has at Susan Bijl is that the plant itself is back to it’s original function, albeit in an artificial way, but still asks the questions that the work originally intended.”

How did it actually wound up at Susan Bijl?
“It was presented at several locations – an art fair, a gallery, even an office hall. Last summer, when Susan was decorating the SB store, she noticed my work and immediately liked it. It has had it’s home at the shop ever since.”

Are you planning more ‘plant’-pieces?
“I actually am! My boyfriend, Remco van Halderen who is a furniture designer, made the casing of the one at Susan Bijl. We are now in the process of making ten more versions of Growing Plants Indoors. We even created a new company name for our collaboration – named Rem Atelier. Which is also the name of our shared studio in Crooswijk, Rotterdam.

We are planning more projects. After the plants we will make a series of tables. In that project Remco will take the lead on the design. We are really excited by this and invite everyone to follow us on Facebook(!”

Any more you want to say?
“Well, that the Growing Plants Indoors-works are of course for sale (smiles). Those who are interested in obtaining one can contact us through our Facebook page.”

Thanks for your time!

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