TRASH & STASH: the new collection

Introducing TWO new SUSAN BIJL items

On September 24th we launch a new collection, presenting The New Trash Bag and The New Stash Bag; two designs that are here to stay. Collecting, storing and discarding your stuff has never been this much fun!

Whether it's from one place to another or from your home to a recycling bin, we carry a lot of stuff with us throughout our lives. Our large shopping bag has always been a favourite to use in these events. Stuff it for a day at the beach, a weekend trip or use an old one to carry your recycling to the garbage disposal.

Susan aims to create things that add value to our daily lives. Inspired by these trips and the large amounts of paper and glass recycling piling up in our kitchens, she set out to create two thoughtful and efficient additions. 

The two new bag designs are available in 5 different colour combinations. On top of that, to complete the collection, Susan has also created four new bum- and shopping bags. 

The New Trash Bag and The New Stash Bag are here to stay and will return in future collections.

The New Trash Bag in use

The New Trash Bag

Is it a bag for trash?
Yes and no. It’s a shopping bag ánd reusable storage bag for all sorts of things, like recycling! Or use it for laundry or toy storage.

Is it made for general ‘trash’?⁠
Depends on what you call ‘trash'. The design motivation for this bag was to encourage recycling in a colourful and stylish way. The bag is washable (machine wash, 30 degrees), but The New Trash Bag is not meant to replace your single-use bin bag.

What is the bag for?⁠
Anything you want really. We use it for collecting our paper and glass recycling, dirty laundry, stuffed toys. Anything we have laying around that we would rather hide.

You can also use it as an extra-large version of our shopping bag. Modified from our classic large shopping bag design, we extended the top and closed it with a drawstring and stopper. This extra-large top easily folds back into the shopper, adapting to the size you need. We also added new handles: long and short, making it easy to carry heavy loads on your shoulder or giving it a comfortable grip in your hand. 

Why is it called a ‘Trash Bag’?⁠
We like the name! ⁠Plus, it fits about 60L and can be closed with a drawstring and stopper, both features inspired by the classic bag that we use for trash. 

Use the Trash Rack (below) to give it a permanent place in your home. Lift the bag out of the rack, close it and carry it to wherever you want your stuff to go. 

one size / €49,90

Trash Rack

The Trash Rack is a custom stand to support The New Trash Bag and The New Shopping Bag (large). 

Use your brand new Trash Bag or an old shopping bag you have laying around. 

The Trash Rack is made from high-quality powder-coated steel and produced in The Netherlands.

Size: 33 x 61 x 42 cm / 13 x 24 x 5 inch / €59,90 

The New Stash Bag

We designed The New Stash Bag to carry big shopping loads. It's extra-large and sturdy - plenty of space to stash your stash, whatever it is ;).

Modified from our classic large shopping bag design, we gave this bag a double-layered bottom and a solid back made from our heavyweight fabric. These features make the bag shape-retaining, giving it a more square-like foundation and making it easier to carry stuff upright.

Long sought-after features of The New Stash Bag are the zipper closing and the sewed-in pouch to keep your essentials safe. We also added new handles: long and short, making it easy to carry heavy loads on your shoulder or giving it a comfortable grip in your hand.

This is the bag you'll need for oversized things like purchasing enough loo paper or transporting your school project!

one size / €59,90 


The Trash & Stash collection will be released on Friday, September 24th at 10 AM, online at SUSANBIJL.COM and in stores.

To celebrate the launch, join us for a drink at our Oostzeedijk store between 5 - 9 PM! 

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