We're taking responsibility for the environment by making products that are high-quality and long-lasting. Our products are created to be used. However, like with most things in life, signs of usage can and most probably will show. Which we believe makes it even more beautiful.

To take good care of your SUSAN BIJL products, you don't have to do much. We recommend washing The New Shopping Bag once in a while. You can also wash all of our other products, but waterproof coatings (The New Bum Bag, Backpack, Raincoat a.o.) will fade and become less powerful.


The fabric we use is strong, as it can hold a lot of weight. A shopping bag can hold over 20 kg! Do mind that our products are not indestructible.
The ripstop nylon prevents small cuts from ripping because of the woven pattern. The fabric can still tear, but the ripstop fabric will prevent the tear from getting bigger.


You can wash all of our bags in the machine at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry. We recommend a shorter program and washing your bags separately. Don't soak, or the colours will run. Please use environment-friendly soap.

The water-resistant coating and colour may fade if you wash your bags frequently. We don't recommend washing your raincoat, because it will fade the waterproof coating.

If you want to take your 'care' to the next level, iron our shopping bag. Just use the 'nylon' setting on your iron, and your bag will look as good as new.


A small rip doesn't necessarily need to be fixed. Our products are made of ripstop nylon. Ripstop quite literally means to 'stop' a 'rip'. It prevents cuts from tearing! Small cuts are pretty harmless and common traces of use.

If your rip is becoming a concern, you can fix them easily by yourself with our ripstop nylon sticker kit. Send an email to our support team with good quality photos of the parts that need to be fixed. Please describe the size of the rip and the colour of the fabric, so we can find you a matching colour and send it to you.

If you have bigger cuts and tears along the seams, too big to fix with a sticker, we can take care of your shopping bag in our repair program. We can fix almost all tears and cuts, depending on the placing and size of the damage.

Check out our Repair program here.