A short story about SUSAN BIJL’s fabric and fabrication

Our products don’t grow on trees to be delivered to us by storks. This you must be certain of, but you might still wonder what actually happens before our bags find their way to us and you. In our cause for a more sustainable world, transparency is an important tool, so we’re happy to give you more insight into the production of our sustainable bags.

We started production in 2003, after Susan first made a series of bags by hand herself. As we are always seeking to improve on the quality, sustainability and impact of our products, we’ve moved the production of our fabric to bluesign® certified facilities, starting with the production of our “Interiors” collection, which was launched in the colourful spring of 2016.

What does such a certification actually mean? Well, it’s probably one of the most sustainable ways of producing fabric. Great care is taken of the environment and labor conditions by recycling all water, only using approved chemicals and not exposing the laborers to chemicals.

Our bags are handcrafted in Vietnam by a family-run business that complies to all local laws and employment conditions and who employ local people. As the quality of service and employment is very dear to us, we make sure to visit these suppliers 4 or 5 times every year and stay in close contact outside of these visits, so we can guarantee that we live up to the promise of sustainability that comes with our products.

This promise also translates to the longevity of our products. That’s why we make our products extra strong through added bindings and seamless handles. As the panels for our bags are being moulded instead of cut, the process is also much more precise.

Important part of our vision on sustainability is to not only produce responsibly but also to reduce waste in a colourful way. We saved all the fabrics that were left over from past collections. Next month we will proudly present a new collection made of these – the Leftover collection. Uniting colours from a wide variety of collections this results in very exciting new colour combinations. We will keep you updated on this!

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