We have a winner!

This summer we did a design workshop with kids from our hometown Rotterdam. Today we decided who won the contest of best pattern design for The New Shoppingbag!

Through Rotterdampas Vakantiepaspoort kids could sign up for the workshop. Everybody had to make a pattern design for The New Shoppingbag. Wild colors and edgy shapes were used! Some designs were very “inside the box”, other were completely “outside the box”. We had a blast!

We promised that one of the designs would be chosen to be made into a real The New Shoppingbag. It took us a while to decide which design would win but today we bit the bullet. We not only chose one design, we chose two! And here they are:

Left is made by Sophie (9) and right is made by Olivia (only 6 years old!). Aren’t they awesome?

This is a short video on the workshop!

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