The New Generation – Andreas

In light of our new ‘Leftover’ collection, we’ve approached The New Generation to get their perspective on the environment, and what brings colour to their lives. For this edition, we spoke to 16 year old Andreas Klein from Rotterdam.

Describe yourself in three words.
Dedicated, geek, myself 😀

Tell us something about yourself and your hobby.
I am a professional drone race pilot for the CTN-Racing team. I started drone racing 2 years ago, and now 2 years later I’m qualified for the world championships in China.

What part does colour play in your life?
A big one, it makes life more fun and more fresh 😀

What ecological measures would you take if you ruled the world?
I’d instantly make fuels more expensive, and use the money for promoting and electric lifestyle. And I would try to make the Amazone twice as big, in order to halt global warming.

Do you make an effort to use less plastic and reduce the stuff you use?
I’ve completely abandoned plastic bottles and bags.

Is there anyone who inspires you to act more environment-friendly?
Honestly, SUSAN BIJL. Whenever I see a SUSAN BIJL bag on the streets, it makes me realize the world is declining.

Andreas has The New Backpack in Blue & Vinex. ‘Leftover’ will be available from November 22.
Photo by Jan Bijl.

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